Compliance To Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures

Our cleaning procedures have been updated following the guidelines issued by the Welsh Assembly and your booking agent, plus a few additions.

We use products which are Covid-19 effective.

All our cleaners wear P.P.E including, face mask, full apron, gloves, shoe covers.

All cleaners to wash hands on arrival at the propery

Updated Cleaning Checklist

  1. Fill dishwasher with cutlery and crockery and complete full cycle. Empty and put away. Or
    Handwash if a dishwasher is not fitted.
  2. Disinfect all door handles, wardrobes, and drawer handles and inside drawers.
  3. Bed linen and towels to be put in special bags provided. Guests are requested to do this.
  4. All hard surfaces to be cleaned with E4 solutions.
  5. Games, DVD’s, Books to be removed or changed on every changeover.
  6. All windows to be opened and the ones with safety catches to be left open.
  7. Mattresses and pillow protectors to be changed on every changeover.
  8. Steam cleaning where necessary, kitchens and bathrooms.
  9. Cloths, mops, and equipment heads to be changed on every changeover.
  10. Fridges and freezers to be disinfected.
  11. All toilets to be flushed and taps opened for at least 5 minutes. Run shower for 5 minutes.
  12. Shower and bath traps to be cleaned and disinfected.
  13. All remote controls, kettles, and other appliances to be disinfected.
  14. Attention to bannister rails and other rails, disinfect all.
  15. Empty dishwasher
  16. Disinfect door handle and key safe on exit.
  17. Remove all waste, and guests’ residuals, and report any excess to the office to be collected.
  18. Empty vacuum cleaner before next job.

Please call us on 07999458427 if you have any questions.